Brush cutter jobs


A job in silviculture

The brush cutter occupation is lump-sum work (paid per job completed) that takes place in the forest.

A silviculture worker’s job is to release crop trees, select stems that hinder their growth, and assist with their development and conservation.

This job requires a brush or clearing saw and proper personal protective forestry gear.

You will also be provided room and board in our exceptional forest camp.

Forest brush cutter training

For those interested in the job but with no training as a forest brush cutter, Groupe Nokamic offers an on-site training program.

The goal of the program is to help new silviculture workers secure a job in the field. Brush cutter workers can learn the trade at their own pace and develop the skills required for sustainable deforestation.

Forestry equipment

Forestry equipment and gear (clearing saw, work boots and clothes) are fully covered by the silviculture company; the brush cutter must repay 50% over the course of the silviculture work season, while the other 50% is paid by the training program.

Here are two brush cutter videos

Life as a brush cutter

Les Acteurs du Nord : Le Débroussailleur

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